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With(out) Her is inspired by Chilina Kennedy’s 2015 album of original music, "What You Find in a Bottle."


Featuring music and lyrics by Chilina Kennedy, a book co-written by Eric Holmes and Chilina Kennedy, and musical arrangements by Rick Fox, Call It Love is being developed in New York City.


The show is produced by Eclipse Theatre Company  (Andrew Seok - Artistic Director) and is scheduled for a fully staged production in the near future.




Music and Lyrics by Chilina Kennedy

Arranged by Rick Fox 

Performed by Charlie Pollock, Morgan Weed, Michael Stiggers, and Jenn Colella

'Floating and Falling'

Music and Lyrics by Chilina Kennedy 

Arranged by Rick Fox

Performed by Jenn Colella

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This fictional story finds Olivia in a hospital suffering from memory loss. As doctors run tests, Olivia’s past begins to return, much to her confusion and dismay.


With(out) Her explores the extremely complicated journey many of us travel to find out who we are, while confronting the damage caused in the lives of others.


Chilina Kennedy's beautiful and poetic music and lyrics and Eric Holmes’ poignant book paint a complex tapestry of modern love where the more people you love, the more people you hurt. However, what was painful loss yesterday often becomes insightful growth today.

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Morgan Weed as Jessica and Jenn Colella as Olivia




Chilina Kennedy performs a live version of her original song "Prisoner," from her album 

What You Find in a Bottle. 

An updated version of the song, featuring new lyrics and orchestrations, appears in

With(out) Her .